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Checklist of Things to Do:

Set up any online Bill Pays prior to April 7, 2017, or after April 10, 2017

If you wish for histories on your accounts, (checking, savings, or loan), print them on the online banking site prior to April 7, 2017.

*Important Debit/ATM Card Information

After April 3rd and before April 10th, cardholders need to call 1-800-992-3808 and re-enter their current PIN. If the PIN is not re-entered, you could experience an interruption in service starting April 10th until the PIN is re-entered.

Update Telephone Banking temporary PIN after upgrade.

Call or visit your local First Federal of Delta branch if you have any questions, or call us at 419.822.3131

Why Are We Converting Systems?

Do you remember when you made the switch from a flip phone to a smart phone?  With that upgrade you went from just texting/talking to doing oh so much more easily.  At First Federal Savings and Loan Association of Delta, we are doing the same thing. We want to do more for you more efficiently. To do this, we are upgrading our computer systems to provide you with a better banking experience and greater financial solutions.

This upgrade is expected to occur at the end of the business day on Friday, April 7, 2017 through Sunday, April 9, 2017. During this time, system enhancements and upgrades will occur and several services may change or be unavailable.  All services will resume on Monday, April 10, 2017.

This guide is a resource for you to identify areas in which the upgrade will affect your accounts and services. As you review the guide, take note of any specific questions you may have and contact us in the way that is best for you. Our bankers and local offices are ready to help you. Nothing is more important to us than providing you with high-quality seamless services throughout this process. To help ensure this transition is as smooth as possible for you, please review this booklet carefully and take any actions needed before the recommended dates.

If you have questions or need assistance to get started, please contact your nearby First Federal of Delta office or call us at 419.822.3131.

Friday, April 7, 2017: First Federal branches will be open during normal business hours. Mobile, Online, Bill Pay and Telephone Banking will be unavailable after 4:00 p.m. EST.

Saturday, April 8, 2017 and Sunday, April 9, 2017: All First Federal of Delta branches will be closed on these dates. Mobile, Online, and Telephone Banking and Bill Pay will be unavailable.

Monday, April 10, 2017: First Federal of Delta branches will be open and Mobile, Online, and Telephone Banking and Bill Pay services resume.

Please note that all branches will be closed Saturday, April 8, 2017 as we upgrade to the new system. -->


Online and Mobile Banking Services

Loan history prior to April 10, 2017 will not be available in the new online banking system. Please sign in to the current online banking system before 4:00 p.m. ET on April 7, 2017 and retain any necessary statements and/or loan history for your records. After the system upgrade, these records will be available upon request. We will be working to make E-Statements available over the next several months; however, they will not be immediately available after April 10, 2017.

Q. What is the final day and time I can initiate a bill payment through the current online banking system?
Any time before Thursday, April 6, 2017, at 4:00 p.m. ET.

Q. Will the online banking system change?
Yes and no. The new First Federal of Delta Online Banking system may appear slightly different, but the website and Mobile Banking will remain basically the same. 

You will continue to access Online Banking at


Loans and Lines of Credit

Q. Will the terms of my loan or line of credit change?
No; however, good news for loans. A passbook will no longer be necessary or updated. If you wish for any loan account information, you can find it online or at your local branch.


Deposit Account Information

Q. Will my account number or routing number change?
No. Your account number(s) and routing number will remain the same.

Q. Will I still be able to use my debit card?
Yes. However, after April 3rd and before April 10th, you will need to call 1-800-992-3808 and enter your current PIN for your debit or ATM card.

Q. Will I still be able to use my checks?
Yes. You may continue to use your First Federal checks.

Q. How will the upgrade affect my account statement?
A statement will be generated on April 7, 2017 for all checking and savings accounts. After April 7, 2017, your statement date may change moving forward and statements prior to April 10th will no longer be available. Additionally, your statement will have a more modern appearance and will still contain the information you need to manage your account.

Q. How will my savings account be affected?
You can still have your passbook, but you will now have the option of a statement savings account if you prefer.  You will no longer have to worry about updating your book, and you receive regular statements of your savings activity.

Q. Will my automatic transfers between accounts continue?
Yes. All automatic transfers between accounts will continue.

Q. Will my automatic payments and direct deposits continue without interruption?
Yes. All automatic payments and direct deposits (Social Security, vendor payments, utility payments, club dues, etc.) will continue to be received and processed as usual.


Telephone Banking

Q. Will I be able to access Telephone Banking during the upgrade?
No. Telephone Banking will be unavailable from Friday, April 7, 2017, at 4:00 p.m. ET until Monday, April 10, 2017.

Q. Will Telephone Banking have the same menu after the upgrade?
No. The menu for Telephone Banking will be changing after the upgrade. Please be sure to pay special attention to the menu changes.

Q. Will my PIN be the same for Telephone Banking after the upgrade?
No. Your PIN will temporarily change to the last four digits of your Social Security Number after the upgrade. You will be prompted to change this temporary PIN upon first login to Telephone Banking after the upgrade. A. No. The menu for Telephone Banking will be changing after the upgrade.  Please be sure the pay special attention to menu changes.