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My husband and I purchased our 3rd house last week and I wanted to take a moment to pass along a little bit about our experience in hopes it may help others.  We’ve experienced home buying and selling multiple times and had hoped the process would be smoother than before. Unfortunately, the beginning did not start as intended, but in the end First Federal of Delta helped us overcome the many challenges that arose. The house we were attempting to purchase was a foreclosed home (it’s very common these days for homes that are vacant for any number of days to have their copper pipes stolen). Sadly, this house wasn't any different. We assumed this wouldn't be an issue with our loan as we had the funds in the bank to fix this problem. Turns out we were wrong. The bank we had planned on going through had zero loan options available to us. I quickly lined up two other bank options to see what they had to offer. They definitely were going to be able to help us, but it was going to force us to take out a government rehab loan however, the rates and extra monthly fees were extremely high and cost prohibitive.  My sister advised me to call First Federal of Delta to see if they could get us in touch with someone there that could work with our situation. I was very hesitant because I thought if the bigger banks can't help us how then could a small town bank?  First Federal of Delta was able to help us out with a straight forward conventional loan without all the extra fees involved. I couldn't believe it! On top of that, they were able to qualify us for a special grant that gave us extra money towards our down payment ($5,000). They were willing to work with our problem (missing water lines, along with a number of other repairs that showed up in our home and pest inspection).  We are so grateful First Federal of Delta gave us a chance and were so helpful and willing to work with us. Through this process I'm reminded of how small community businesses are so important and really can relate to customer needs much better than big businesses can. If you want to have happy endings like we did, don't hesitate to give First Federal of Delta a call at 419-822-3131 option 3. Thanks again for everything First Federal of Delta!

Stephanie V.



I just wanted to let you know that I now use the online Billpay and I love it!!  I pay all my bills at once. The best thing is that I don’t have to waste envelopes or stamps anymore. And the fact that its free is also a huge plus.